What to know about Georgia football recruiting class

What to know about Georgia football recruiting class

Georgia is preparing to announce its recruiting class for 2017, with the first batch of players expected to be announced Monday.

The Bulldogs have been in the news for several recruiting incidents since then, including a sexual assault allegation against one of its players, and a sexual harassment case against one player.

The latest incident comes after a former football player from the University of Georgia made a video of himself raping another player in 2014.

The video, which has since been removed, has sparked a national conversation about sexual assault and gender equality.

The former player in question has since filed a civil lawsuit against Georgia, which alleged the video showed him as a predator.

Georgia has not commented on the allegations against the player in the video.

The school has also been in an ongoing legal battle with the man in question, who is suing the school for $1.25 million.

The university has denied the allegations, and the man has not filed a lawsuit against the school.