Why is UM’s Miami Hurricanes recruiting class so small?

Why is UM’s Miami Hurricanes recruiting class so small?

The Miami Hurricanes are not recruiting for next season as many as expected, according to the latest recruiting data from the school.

In addition, according the recruiting data, Miami’s recruiting class is only 7% of the total recruiting class.

That number is down from the 10% of total recruiting that was originally anticipated.

The Miami Hurricanes lost four key players from last year’s class, and while the class is now just 7%, that number will likely increase if Miami doesn’t sign some of the four-star recruits.

“The recruiting class for the Miami Hurricanes has shrunk significantly from the class that was expected to sign the 2017 class, as most of the top recruits have yet to sign,” 247Sports.com recruiting analyst Samuels said in a statement.

“The Hurricanes are still recruiting well, and with the 2018 class being so large, we expect to see even more of the same in 2019.

The 2018 class is a much-needed boost for the program.”

A new recruiting class will be in place next year, and if the Hurricanes continue to recruit well, they could see another year of big-time recruiting.

However, with the lack of talent on campus, that prospect is unlikely to happen.

The new recruiting rankings are based on 247Sports’ composite rankings of recruiting rankings.

The rankings are ranked by average recruiting class rank, average recruiting position, average projected recruiting class, average overall recruiting class and the average expected recruiting class rankings.