What to know about the Pentagon’s recruitment push

What to know about the Pentagon’s recruitment push

By Matt Gurney | The Associated PressWASHINGTON — The Pentagon has hired more than 40,000 women for combat positions, a sign of how the military is reshaping its workforce to make the U.S. military stronger and more diverse, according to a new government report.

In addition to the roughly 40,200 women who were recruited from May through August, the Pentagon said Monday that it had enlisted more than 200,000 military spouses and children, as well as other partners.

The government said it expects to recruit another 4,000 spouses and families by the end of the year, and that its efforts to boost diversity and inclusion will expand to the rest of the service.

The report, released on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the end, shows the Pentagon is taking a bold approach to diversity.

For instance, the U,S.

Military Academy has long had a history of serving as a place where people of color can learn about military service, as a symbol of acceptance and acceptance in the military, and as a forum for those who have suffered discrimination.

The new report also underscores the importance of integrating women into the U-20 and other training programs, as the military looks to fill gaps in its ranks.

In the report, titled “The Next Generation,” the government said its research found that while men and women are equally likely to complete the U to earn a bachelor’s degree, women are less likely than men to earn college degrees, and more likely to drop out of college.

The report also found that women are more likely than their male peers to have a high school diploma, and have a bachelor degree or higher.

The U.s. has had a long history of integrating people of all backgrounds into its military.

In recent years, the military has started to do the same, with a few exceptions.

But the military continues to face a challenge integrating more women into its ranks, the report said.

While the Pentagon has seen progress in hiring women in recent years and recruiting more minorities into the military in recent decades, the percentage of women in combat roles has remained below 50% for the past several years.

In fact, the Defense Department’s gender gap in the force is more than 20 percentage points.

The Pentagon’s plan to diversify the military workforce and recruit more women for positions in leadership and in combat is an attempt to keep pace with the changing demographics of the military and its combat-ready forces, said Pentagon spokesman Lt.

Col. Robert Manning.

It’s an ambitious goal, he said, and the department will continue to work with the private sector to increase the number of women serving in combat.

But the report also highlighted some of the challenges women face in the U and other U. States military branches.

It said that while women have been able to serve in combat positions in other branches of the armed forces for a long time, they still are not considered equal in many ways.

The problem is not limited to the military.

The U. Navy has a significant gender gap, the government found, and women have made up less than 20% of the enlisted workforce since the 1950s.

The Navy also has a large number of gender-specific units, including the Navy’s commando unit, which is made up of women and men.

The government also found the Navy, which has historically been more male-dominated than the Army, has been underrepresented in combat leadership and leadership roles.

The study also noted that women make up about 13% of members of the Army but about 12% of its combat brigades.

The gender gap is also visible in the Navy.

The Department of Defense, which also said Monday, will continue its efforts in recruiting women for leadership positions and other career-related positions.

The Department of Justice has launched a national study of gender diversity in the workplace and is also working to improve its representation in the criminal justice system.

The department has also hired about 400 women to serve as a liaison to the armed services and other civilian agencies, said Lt.


Katie Boudreaux, a spokeswoman for the Pentagon.

The White House said President Donald Trump has made it a priority to hire more women, and he has announced plans to hire 1,000 more women to his administration, and said he would establish a national task force to promote gender equality.

“The next generation of American leaders will continue our mission to transform our military and society to make our nation safer and more prosperous, and we will always be a force for inclusion,” the White House spokesman, Jay Carney, said in a statement.

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