How many scholarships is the 2019-2020 class?

How many scholarships is the 2019-2020 class?

When the NCAA basketball recruiting calendar is announced on Monday, it will likely be the biggest news in college basketball for quite some time.

The NCAA will release its 2019-20 class, and many have been speculating as to how many players will be on the 2019 class.

ESPN Clic has been keeping an eye on the recruiting landscape and has compiled a ranking of the 10 players in the 2019 group.

The rankings are based on recruiting rankings released by the recruiting services last summer.

Here is what we learned in the top 10.1.


Michigan State-Wisconsin-Michigan3.

Michigan-Michigan State-Michigan4.


Arizona State-Texas-USC6.


Notre Dame-Florida State-Virginia8.

Michigan St-Wisconsin – Ohio State9.

Arizona St-Oregon – USC10.

Michigan – USC-USF1.

Michigan vs. UCLA2.

Oregon vs. Michigan3.

Oregon-Michigan vs. Utah4.

Michigan Tech vs. Penn State5.

Texas Tech vs., LSU6.

Alabama vs. LSU7.

Michigan at LSU8.

LSU vs. Alabama9.

Michigan & Georgia vs. Washington10.

Washington at Alabama