Which of Louisville’s new recruits are best suited to the Cavs?

Which of Louisville’s new recruits are best suited to the Cavs?

The Cavaliers have narrowed their recruiting class to five, and they are targeting five new players.

Louisville is the latest school to announce it will take on the responsibility of filling out its 2017 recruiting class. 

While it remains to be seen whether the Cavs will have a full-fledged recruiting class in 2017, there are still many intriguing names in the class.

Louisville has had success in recruiting players from across the country, and while some of those players might be the type of players the Cavs want, it is not clear who will be able to make the leap from high school to the NBA.

The Cavs have been in contact with players from around the country. 

“We’ve had multiple conversations about the class, and the conversations have included many different things,” Cavs general manager Ryan Leaf said Thursday.

“I think a lot of the conversations that we’ve had are just to get to know the players.

That’s all we’re really looking for.” 

The Cavs also have a group of high school players who are in high demand. 

The Cavaliers have taken on the task of recruiting high school athletes from across Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio and Georgia.

Louisville has also taken a large number of high-profile players from the area, including several players from Eastern Kentucky.

Kentucky has a reputation for producing big men who are able to stretch the floor and play on the wing, and that has led to some intriguing players in the region. 

Former Louisville guard Justin Patton has spent the last four years in the NBA Development League.

He is currently a member of the Philadelphia 76ers, while fellow Louisville recruit Marcus Paige is also a member. 

Indiana guard Jalen Brunson is currently in the league, but he was recruited by the Cleveland Cavaliers when he was a freshman.

He will be a freshman at Kentucky this season. 

Louisville also has the option to sign players from outside the state. 

There are several high school prospects in the Kentucky state lineups.

The top three players are all in the state lineup. 

Another Kentucky player, guard Justin Anderson, is also in the Indiana state line-up, while another Kentucky player is in the Atlanta Hawks state line up. 

If Louisville decides to sign a player from outside Kentucky, it could potentially open the door for players from another state to join the Cavs. 

One of the most notable high school recruits the Cavs have made in recent years is Louisville’s Josh Jackson.

Jackson has spent time with the Memphis Grizzlies and has a strong NBA potential. 

Jackson’s high school coach, Michael Oher, is one of the top recruiting experts in the country with ESPN. 

But Oher also has some big shoes to fill.

He spent the past five years at the helm of the Memphis Tigers, who are now in the process of moving to a new arena. 

Oher has spent years coaching high school basketball in his native Kentucky, but was unable to recruit Jackson to Louisville, where he will be the starting point guard. 

This could be an important decision for Oher. 

As he prepares to leave the school in the summer, Jackson has not been able to recruit Kentucky players in person.

Jackson was also a standout player at Louisville, averaging 10.8 points and 3.8 assists per game. 

Kentucky could potentially take on some of the responsibilities of recruiting Jackson, but that will not be easy.

The school’s reputation as a recruiting powerhouse and a powerhouse on the recruiting trail is already under question. 

Even if the Cavs make it to the lottery, it will likely take years for Louisville to have a recruiting class that can compete with the top high school talent in the area.

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