What Auburn is doing to boost recruiting rankings

What Auburn is doing to boost recruiting rankings

The Auburn football team has put the recruiting process on lockdown, recruiting office officials said Monday.

The Tigers have put a freeze on recruiting calls, which are a key recruiting tool.

“We have been making changes throughout the process, so that we can focus on recruiting our best recruits in order to maximize our potential to win championships and create a successful program,” said Auburn’s recruiting director, Mike Pendergast.

“In terms of what our recruiting office is doing, we are trying to take a more proactive approach and focus on the top guys in the state, especially the defensive side, and the offensive side.

That is where the majority of our talent is.”

The recruiting offices had been working overtime to recruit and lock down prospects and players in the past two weeks, as the team prepares to face No. 5 Auburn in a Sept. 27 home game.

The players have been working with the staff on getting the right information on players and the right players for each position.

The Auburn coaching staff has been working to make sure players are aware of their choices and what they want to get out of the recruiting offer.

“When we start to talk about a player, we talk about their size, the speed, the strength and the strength of the recruit, and what their goals are,” said Pendergrast.

A total of 1,500 people were called in from the Auburn community to help the recruiting office with the phone call process.

A big part of the recruitment process is how the recruiting staff can understand what the prospects want out of a program.

The staff will give those players an offer sheet and the staff will then work on those details with them.

“They have a lot of time and a lot to spend on a player before they are ready to talk to the recruit,” said David Sauer, director of player development at Auburn.

“If we are talking about a junior, we will talk to him about the school, about the recruiting experience, and about what he wants to get from the program.

We are talking to him as if he is an 18-year-old junior in the class.

That gives us a lot more time and energy to talk through the details with those guys and try to get those answers.”

For the past several weeks, Auburn has been taking a lot on board from the recruiting community.

“Our recruiting process is focused on the best players in our state and we have worked hard to find those guys,” said Sauer.

“This is a huge step forward in terms of understanding what our players want out the program and then being able to provide that in a meaningful way.”

The Tigers announced Monday that their top players are on the board of recruits for the 2017 class, and they are scheduled to officially announce the class in the coming days.

They have a list of nine finalists for the 2018 class.

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