Oregon recruiting: All the latest news and recruiting stories from around the web

Oregon recruiting: All the latest news and recruiting stories from around the web

The Oregon Ducks are in the middle of a recruiting frenzy as they are currently preparing for the start of the 2018 NFL Draft.

In a move that would not have been possible if the Ducks were not recruiting at such a fast pace, they have already signed five players to contracts in the next week.

The four recruits who signed their contracts with the Ducks are: #7, #13, #15, and #17.

It has been reported that the #5, #11, and the #13 will sign with the #1 and #2 teams respectively.

All five recruits have signed a two-year contract with Oregon, which makes them the first four-star recruits in the history of the Ducks’ program.

Here is the full list of Oregon’s five new recruits, according to 247Sports: #15: Malik McDowell, WR, Florida State #18: Deondre Francois, OL, Iowa State #19: Malik Davis, DE, Clemson #21: Justin Davis, RB, Michigan State #22: Elijah McGuire, TE, Texas A&M #23: Kasey Hunt, RB/KR, Georgia #24: DeAndre Smith, WR/KR/TE, Texas Tech #25: Nick Chubb, WR-DE, Auburn #26: Jalen Cordeiro, WR.

Florida State, Ohio State, Miami, Texas, Oregon #27: Christian Miller, WR (6-3, 250), USC #28: Jake Johnson, QB (6.0, 216), Miami, Ohio, Tennessee #29: Kavontay Johnson, WR – WR – LB – OL, Oklahoma State #30: Tre’Davious White, WR (#2), Notre Dame, Texas State #31: Jalil Anderson, DE (6’2, 305), Clemson, USC #32: Christian Kirk, DT – DT, South Carolina, Miami #33: Chris Bortles, QB, Fresno State, Michigan, TexasA&M, TCU, Texas #34: Chris Smith, DT, Ohio Valley, Utah, LSU #35: Jake Browning, DT (6′, 255), Michigan State, USC, USCA&TCU, Miami(Fla.), Ohio State #36: Austin Shepherd, WR #37: Darnell McDonald, RB (6′-2, 275), Clemson #38: Tre Mason, WR Clemson, Texas Sources: 247Sports, 247Sports.com, 247Football, 247 Football, 247 Sports.com Comments