‘It’s been one year since the ‘The Walking Dead’ premiere, but we still haven’t seen a new ‘Game of Thrones’ trailer’

‘It’s been one year since the ‘The Walking Dead’ premiere, but we still haven’t seen a new ‘Game of Thrones’ trailer’

As the summer TV season continues to heat up, many fans have been speculating on what the next season of the hit AMC series will entail.

Some have already gone as far as to say that they want to see a “Game of Thorns”-style trailer, with no more than the first 10 minutes.

However, this isn’t actually the first time fans have made such a prediction.

Back in May, fans speculated that a Game of Thrones trailer would arrive sometime in 2018.

As it turns out, the rumors didn’t come to pass.

While the show’s creators didn’t comment on the speculation, there was speculation that it might happen in 2018, which would put the season’s premiere just a few weeks away.

Since then, the rumor has faded from the radar, with HBO and Game of Threes’ development team confirming that they’re currently working on a new “Game Of Thrones” trailer.

According to a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, “We’re working on something that’s just a bit more ambitious than the original concept,” adding that the upcoming trailer is “probably” the last we’ll see of the series’ first season.

With no confirmation that the series will return in 2018 or that the teaser trailer will be the last teaser trailer, the question of what season the new “The Walking Bad” trailer will air remains.

However, the speculation is only just starting.

As for “Game” fans, the “Game,” in this case, is the franchise’s trademarked term for an episode of the TV show, which was first launched in 2005.

As a fan of the AMC series, we can definitely understand why the producers would want to create a new teaser trailer.

After all, the series was always a show that kept fans coming back for more.

However (and here’s the really hard part for us), we still have no idea what “Game 4” will be like.

The show’s second season ended in 2019, and the third season will premiere in 2020.

Fans are likely expecting something new to come out of the franchise, and even a “The Wheel of Time”-esque teaser trailer would be a nice start.