Which US military recruiters are recruiting ISIS members?

Which US military recruiters are recruiting ISIS members?

The United States has been trying to convince countries to send military advisers to help combat the spread of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), but there are still a number of American military recruitors who are not happy about the move.

The United States military is facing a growing crisis, and the number of Americans willing to travel to fight ISIS in Iraq and abroad is growing rapidly, according to The Huffington and The Daily Beast.

In September, the U.S. Army said that it would send a few hundred troops to Iraq to train Iraqi forces to fight the group, a move that would be part of a broader effort to help the government in its fight against ISIS.

The Washington Post reported that in late October, the Army told reporters it was increasing the number that would travel to Iraq, with a “small cadre” sent to assist with training.

However, the Pentagon did not provide specific numbers or details about the number or type of troops it would deploy, and a spokesperson for the Army’s general counsel told the Washington Post in October that the troop increase was based on the needs of the mission and the current troop level.

According to The Daily Mail, several U.K. military recruitees told The Huffington that the Pentagon was not providing any additional troops, and that they were upset about the decision to send more American military recruits to Iraq.

One former recruit said the move “makes us feel like our country isn’t doing enough to help us.”

The United Kingdom has deployed more than 100 troops to Syria since September.

The Pentagon has not said whether it would increase the number sent there, or how many additional soldiers it would ask Britain to send.

The U.N. is also working to convince other countries to train their militaries in the fight against the Islamic Republic, with the Pentagon and the United Nations saying it is a critical element in the war against ISIS and in defeating the group’s leadership.

The Pentagon is also trying to persuade some of the countries involved in the Middle East to send their militaria to Iraq and Afghanistan, a process that could take months, according To the Post.

The Department of Defense did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the report.