How to recruit from the US Air Force and other US forces

How to recruit from the US Air Force and other US forces

Recruiting software has become the way to find and train the best talent in the world.

But what happens when you’re not a soldier but an engineer?

Here’s a look at how recruiters use recruitment software to target talent and recruit in a world of tech giants.


Recruitment Software A recruitment software programme can be used to target and hire people from a variety of backgrounds.

The recruiter will analyse your job history, skills, interests and personality to identify potential candidates.


Job-specific training The software will then provide you with a job-specific online training course in which you can learn how to work with different teams and deliver more effective results.


Job search tool A recruiter can use the job search tool to help you identify the best candidates to join your team.

The tool can also help you narrow your search by comparing candidates from different organisations.


Job profile management A recruitor will use Job Profile Management (JPM) to help the recruiter to create a successful job-focused profile of each potential candidate.


Career-specific experience A recruiser can use Career-Specific Experience (CSE) to give you career-specific career advice to help get you on track for the future.


Career development The recruitor can also use Career Development (CDS) to provide career advice and information about a particular job to the potential recruit.


Recruiter feedback A recruizer will use Recrucer Feedback (RFE) to ensure that each recruit is provided with the best advice they need to succeed.


Career guidance The recruiser will use Career Guidance to provide a range of career-relevant advice about your career path.


Career planning The recruizer can use career planning to help prepare you for the job market.


Career management The recruitter can use Recruit Manager to manage the recruitment process, helping the recruiter to deliver better results to the recruitment team.

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