How to read the hype

How to read the hype

We have a few articles coming out today about what the hype is about, and the big players.

First up, ESPN.

They have an article by Nick Friedell (a.k.a.

“Friedell the Writer”) which breaks down the top players in the 2018 class and highlights the high-end recruits that could be a steal.

It also gives us some insights into the other players who could potentially make an impact on college basketball.

In addition to that, they have a piece by Nate Duncan and John Cooney which details the process of making the cut.

Both articles provide us with some insight into what it’s like to make the decision to go to school, and how a player fits in.

They also talk about how recruiting is the biggest part of college basketball, and what college basketball recruiting can be like.

Here is a look at what each of these pieces have to say about the top prospects in the 2019 class.

Top 5: Nick Friedel The Writer/Friedel the Writer/ESPN/Dennis Johnson/ The 5 best stories about college basketball in 2019 The five best stories from 2019, ranked from #1 to #5 in each category.

Nick Friedels story on “A top-10 player at his position, Friedel has already proved that he can be a high-impact, consistent scorer on a consistent team.

He’s an excellent shot blocker, which can also translate to a solid rebounding presence.

He has a nice shot, but he has to develop his jump shot, and his jump shooting is a bit inconsistent.

His 3-point shooting is below average, but there’s plenty of room for improvement.

He doesn’t seem to have a very long range, and it’s hard to gauge how he’ll develop into a reliable rim protector.

The 6-foot-10 center was a member of the 2014 national champion, but has yet to earn a full ride.

That could be because he hasn’t earned enough minutes to be considered a true starter.

Friedel is a very versatile player, and will have an impact at the next level.”

Dennis Johnson on ESPN The 5 most intriguing recruits in the class: “Dennis’ story starts in Tennessee, where he was a four-star recruit before going pro, and where he ended up being one of the top recruits in Tennessee’s 2019 class, despite a relatively limited college career.

He went undrafted and spent his first three years at Arkansas State before deciding to go pro.

That decision has allowed him to develop into an excellent athlete and playmaker, and he could be one of several players to help the Vols get to a national championship.”

Nate Duncan on ESPN: “Nick is a guy who could be the best recruit in the country this year.

He is a big man who is athletic and he’s very strong.

He will need to add muscle to his frame to get to the NBA level, but if he does, he could develop into the next Tyson Chandler.

He played for three different teams this season, and both were NCAA Tournament teams.

His potential is incredible, but it’s been a year of ups and downs for him.

He hasn’t been able to put it all together yet, and I think he’s still developing.

His ceiling is very high, and if he can get that shot up, that’s what you need.”

John Cooley on ESPN+: “I really like the way Dennis Johnson has developed into a top prospect.

He had a good season at Arkansas, but didn’t see the floor until a couple weeks ago.

He could really benefit from a strong senior year and the fact that he’s a great rebounder, but I think that will be an issue in 2019.

He was really productive in the paint and rebounding the ball, and that’s a big part of his game.

He also has great athleticism and can shoot it well from three.

The thing that stands out to me is his ability to score and defend.

He’ll have to add some muscle to get stronger and bigger, but his skills as a scorer and defender are just phenomenal.

He just needs to add weight, because his frame is pretty skinny.”

Dennis Cooley Jr on ESPN All-American: “Johnson is a really athletic 6-8 forward with a nice wingspan.

He might not have the greatest jumper, but that’s where his offensive game comes in.

He can score from anywhere on the floor and he can score on the break.

His game is just very solid, and you can see that he has developed some skill in the last few years.

He showed a great ability to run the floor, and is also really good in transition.

I think Johnson is one of those players that could potentially play for the U.S. team at the 2019 World Cup in Brazil, where the U-20 team is looking to advance to the knockout round.

His skill level is just phenomenal and he is one player that could really help a team advance