NCAA recruits have a higher graduation rate than NFLers, according to study

NCAA recruits have a higher graduation rate than NFLers, according to study

NCAA recruiting records indicate the number of athletes with a college degree and degree completion rate higher than NFL players.

According to a report published on Tuesday by the website Inside Higher Ed, the average number of NCAA players with a bachelor’s degree and a college completion rate of 70% or higher is slightly higher than the NFL average of 75%.

The study also found that the graduation rate of NCAA athletes is more than four times higher than that of NFL players, with the average of 61% in the NCAA versus 23% for NFL players with at least a bachelor degree.

The NCAA’s graduation rate for the first time surpassed NFL players in 2019, the study said.

“The fact that we are seeing these higher numbers at the collegiate level is pretty amazing,” David DeBartolo, the head football coach of the University of Miami, told Inside Higher Education.

“We are at the point now where we have so many more opportunities for people to pursue their education and play sports.”

He added: “We are getting a college football-like product to the youth of America.”

The NCAA has been working with the NFL to increase the graduation rates of its athletes.

The NFL is also offering more scholarships for athletes.

According in a statement, the NFL offers scholarships to about 1.8 million high school students, with approximately 6 million students receiving financial aid.

“For those athletes who wish to pursue a degree in sports management, the scholarship is $10,000, and the full cost of tuition for a four-year degree is $60,000,” the statement said.

“As the highest paid professional sport in the world, the NCAA recognizes that providing these scholarships to high school athletes is an important part of their education.”