Rutgers, Villanova, Villana offer big-time offers to Big East stars

Rutgers, Villanova, Villana offer big-time offers to Big East stars

Rutgers, Arizona State, Providence and St. John’s are among a group of top Big East schools that are offering big-money offers to three-star recruits and will give up some of their scholarship money to help the programs pay for it, according to sources.

The offer to Villanova’s Deandre Ayton and St Mary’s Josh Howard will total more than $2.5 million, sources told The Globe and Mail.

The same sources say the same offers to Villana’s Alex Jones, St. Francis Xavier’s Austin Haney, Georgetown’s Aaron Carter and Maryland’s Dejounte Murray will also go to the 6-foot-6 guard.

The three schools are expected to announce their recruits at the NCAA Final Four on June 8.

Sources say Villanova is also considering adding the services of a guard in the top 25 of the ESPN 100, while Villanova has offered to offer Howard to Rutgers and Washington State, sources said.

Villanova and Arizona State are the only Big East teams that are expected in the running for the 2019 national championship, which is set for June 14-18 in Indianapolis.

The Pac-12 has also expressed interest in Villanova.

Sources also say the Big East is working to finalize its 2019 schedule, with Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott reportedly expected to attend the annual meeting of the conference’s membership in Chicago on Wednesday.

 “The Big East has had the most interest in recruiting Villanova,” a source said.

“The Big 12 has had a lot of interest in Virginia Tech.

Arizona is on board and would love to add Villanova to their slate.

Villana is still in the mix.

It is the perfect fit for the Big 12 and we want to get it done as quickly as possible.”

Sources said the Big Ten is also in talks with Villanova over the 2019-20 season.

Villanoes deal with NCAA sanctions Villanova was slapped with a bowl ban in January and could miss out on the 2019 tournament after the school received a $250,000 sanction for the violation of a rule requiring schools to provide the NCAA with an annual report of their financial aid to the institution.

The NCAA announced its findings on March 18.

Villans coach Dave Rice said the school was “grateful” for the sanctions.

“We didn’t deserve it,” he said.

Sources say Villanans offer to recruit two-star prospect Andrew Nunez has increased dramatically since the NCAA decision.

Villani’s offer to Nunehz, a 6-3 guard from Washington State who is ranked No. 25 in the ESPN 300, is expected to top $2 million, the sources said, with the school likely to offer to pay a portion of Nuneu’s scholarship.

The sources said Villanese is also looking to add another top-ranked recruit in the 2019 class.

Sources said Villanova will have three scholarship players in 2019-2020, with six committed and five still committed to the program.

The source said the Wildcats will not offer a four-year offer to any player.

Villanian’s offer will go to a school that has the top 10-point guard prospect in the class.

The school is expected the NCAA will make a decision about Villanani’s future next week.

Villanova players are also expected to visit Duke and Syracuse in the coming weeks, sources say.

Villania’s offer could include a scholarship, but the schools are working to ensure it does not, sources added.

“The NCAA has a hard time evaluating coaches who have been on their watch for five years,” Villanova coach Dave Ryans said in a statement.

“While it would be unrealistic to think that all of our players would commit to the same school if the opportunity arose, I feel it is imperative that we keep the commitment process open for as long as possible and to get to a place where we can recruit the best possible talent.”

Villanova joins three other schools in a crowded recruiting class: Duke, Kansas and Syracuse.

In addition to the Pac-8, the Big West, Atlantic Coast Conference and ACC, Villanona is expected be among the Pac 12’s six finalists in the 2018-19 football season, which begins with the New Mexico Bowl on March 3.

The league is expected announce its full slate of games in mid-March.