How to get a job in Miami Hurricanes recruiting

How to get a job in Miami Hurricanes recruiting

The Miami Hurricanes have signed four players to their 2017 recruiting class, including three offensive linemen.

Miami is the only Big 12 team that has yet to sign a defensive lineman this offseason.

Five players signed with the Hurricanes in 2017 are offensive linemen:Jarrett Diggs, Josh McCown, Ryan Harris, and Josh Sitton.

The others are safety, defensive back, and offensive tackle.

The offensive line is expected to be one of the most sought-after positions in the Big 12.

In fact, it has been ranked as the top position of the 2017 recruiting cycle by 247Sports, and has been the No. 1 position since last season.

It is one of only five offensive line classes in the country.

Five offensive linemen signed with Miami in 2017:Josh McCown.

Ryan Harris.

Josh Sitton, safety.

Josh McCread.

Ryan Sitton and Josh McCread signed with UM.

Rashard Higgins, defensive tackle.

Josh Harris.

The defensive line is a bit of a gamble, but the Hurricanes are likely to land the defensive tackle position.

This class of four linemen is likely to bring in players that the Hurricanes like.

It will give them a bit more depth at the position, and could help bolster the defensive line if they are able to land a few more players.

Five defensive linemen signed in 2017 with Miami:Ryan Harris,Josh McCraw, Josh Sitt, Rashard Higgins.

Miami has not signed a defensive tackle in the class of 2018.

Five of the five offensive linemen who signed with Hurricanes in 2018 are defensive tackles:Ryan McCown and Josh Harris.

Ryan Higgins.

Josh Jackson, defensive end.

Josh Williams, defensive lineman.

Josh McElwain, offensive tackle .

Josh Sitt.

Ryan McCread, defensive line.