How to make Marine recruiter job postings more interesting

How to make Marine recruiter job postings more interesting

FE3H recruitment office staff members are taking a more active role in their jobs than they have in years, according to a report from the Associated Press.

The Marine Corps’ recruiters have been doing a lot more job posting on the web, including posting job openings and job postings for new positions in the Marines’ marine recruiting office.

The recruitment office says that’s an improvement over years past, when recruiters were largely reliant on word of mouth.

Marine recruers said they were more likely to reach out to recruiters directly, rather than relying on email, phone or other methods.

They said their online presence has grown significantly.

The hiring and promotion of Marines to higher-ranking positions has grown exponentially in the last few years.

In the last fiscal year, recruiters made about 1.6 million job postings.

That’s an increase of about 12% from the previous fiscal year.

In 2017, recruiter numbers increased by more than 10% to 3.6m.

In 2018, the Marine Corps increased the number of jobs it hires each year by 3.5%, which is roughly a 1% increase from last year.