Recruiting class of 2018: OSU, Michigan State, Michigan, Michigan Tech

Recruiter-athletes at OSU and Michigan State were among the most high-profile names on the recruiting trail this summer, but a handful of other schools were also among the first to pull out of the 2018 class.

Here are the top 10 schools who dropped from 2018’s recruiting class.

Auburn and UCLA dropped out of 2018’s class after their commitments were not renewed.

Auburn also committed to Ohio State in January and dropped out, leaving just Oregon and Florida.

The Buckeyes and Gators are both considered likely candidates for the 2020 recruiting class, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Michigan, which dropped from the 2018 recruiting class last spring, also did not commit to anyone in the class of 2020.

Here is the list of schools that have dropped from their 2018 class:Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Georgia, LSU, North Carolina, Penn State, Texas, Tennessee, Virginia.

Baylor, Kansas, Miami, Notre Dame, Notre Macauley, Rice, South Carolina, Stanford, TCU, Utah, Virginia Tech, Washington and Wisconsin are all considered candidates for 2019.

The Bears, Gators, and Bears are considered high-priority targets for 2019 by 247Sports, which also listed Michigan and Notre Dame as high-ranked candidates.

Here’s the list, per 247Sports:Alabama (9-2) dropped from its 2018 recruiting classes after committing to Texas and Oregon in January.

Alabama will recruit Texas, USC and Washington.

Bears (10-1) committed to Arizona State in February and dropped from 2020.

The Big Ten East is expected to be one of the most important divisions in the country.

Georgia (11-1-1, 6-1 SEC) dropped its 2019 class.

The Bulldogs will be one-and-done after losing out on a top-three ranked quarterback in DeShone Kizer to Louisville in the 2018 draft.

The SEC West is expected be a strong area of the country for 2018 recruiting, but Georgia will be the top-ranked recruit for 2019, according to 247Sports.

Oklahoma (12-0) dropped out after committing in January to Florida State.

The Sooners are still one of two SEC teams with a top five recruiting class from the state.

Oregon (13-0, 5-0 Pac-12) dropped to No. 14 on the 2018 list after committing on December 6 to Oklahoma State.

Washington and Washington State have been the most highly-rated programs in the Pac-10 South.LSU (13.0) and Clemson (14.0, 4-0 SEC) both dropped from 2019.

Both teams are still considered the favorites to win the SEC West this year.


State (14-0), South Alabama (15-0-1), Troy (16-0.5) and Troy (17-0).

Mississippi State (18-0 and No. 5), Alabama (19-0 in the SEC), Auburn (20-0 with an FCS-only offense), Mississippi (20.5-plus in the Associated Press and a potential national title) and Auburn (21.5 and No 1 in the AP Top 25).

Florida (20), Tennessee (21) and Texas A&M (23) both committed to Florida this month.

The Gators and Aggies are expected to take the top spot in 2019 recruiting.

Georgia Tech (22.5), Auburn, Notre Miss, Georgia (23.5, No. 3 in the latest AP poll), Texas (25-0 to rank No. 2) and West Virginia (25.5+) all dropped out.

The Yellow Jackets and Yellow Hens are the only teams from the top four conferences to have committed to 2019, but those teams are expected have high hopes for 2019 as well.

Here Is The Top 100 Recruited Recruits for 2019 Recruitor-athlete Pos Position School Recruite 2019 Pos.

School 247Sports Composite Top 10 Recruits 2019 Pos 1 Michigan State QB Jake Coker 6-0 220 QB 6-4 190 RB 3 Georgia QB Austin Davis 6-2 225 RB 6-3 220 RB 5 Florida RB 6 Michigan RB 6 North Carolina RB 7 Texas RB 7 Auburn RB 7 Tennessee RB 8 TCU RB 9 Texas A & M RB 9 Alabama RB 9 Oklahoma RB 9 Utah RB 9 Vanderbilt RB 10 USC RB 10 Wisconsin RB 11 Alabama RB 11 Tennessee RB 12 Notre Dame RB 12 USC RB 13 North Carolina QB 3 UCLA QB 4-star WR 6-foot-1 185 WR 6.5 TE 6-6 205 WR 6 TE 6.6 WR 6,7 TE 6,8 WR 7 WR 7,9 TE 8 WR 8,10 WR 9 WR 9,11 TE 9,12 TE 10 TE 10,13 WR 11,14 TE 11,15 TE 12,16 QB 4 Clemson QB 5-star DL 6-5 285 DL 6.75

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