Arkansas Football recruiting class: Rivals Top 5 players, rankings

Arkansas Football recruiting class: Rivals Top 5 players, rankings’s Chris Rumph has put together a top 5 recruiting class for the Razorbacks, and he’s got some interesting numbers to say about the class.

The Rivals 300 is a top 10 list, which is a ranking of the best and most promising players in the country.

The Razorbacks have seven top-15 players, which makes them a top-10 recruiting class.

There are four other top-30 players.

Rumph also has four other players who are ranked in the top-40, which gives them a total of 12.

The others are quarterback Josh Jackson, linebacker Kevin Jones, wide receiver Deon Cain and running back Isaiah Washington.

Rumpus also says that four other prospects in the class are rated as top-60 players.

The rest are rated at top-70.

Roughly 10 percent of the players are rated in the bottom five percent of their class, but Rumph says that number is more like 8 to 10 percent.

That is because of the fact that some players are still developing and some are still getting stronger, and those players aren’t getting to the next level.

Rummage also says five other players are ranked as top 50 players.

He lists five of them as running backs Jonathan Williams, Trey Jackson, Derrick Henry and D.J. Foster.

That gives the Razorback class a total ranking of 16.5, which puts it right around the middle of the pack in recruiting rankings.

It also places them near the top of the conference.

They’re not far behind Alabama (16th) and Notre Dame (19th).

That puts them in the middle, but they’re not as high as some other teams.

The recruiting rankings don’t necessarily tell you what to expect from the Razorbuckets.

They are ranked on a scale of 0-10, which means they have the third-lowest overall ranking.

They also are ranked among the top 10 programs in terms of total talent, but that’s because Rumph includes players who have either played for the school or attended school and had at least one senior year.

It’s a slightly different way of rating a class than the recruiting rankings do, because you need to add up the average of all players from the top 20 programs in the nation and the average from the bottom 20.

Rampage also gives the team three prospects who were rated as Top 100 players, and they have three more prospects who are rated a Top 100 player.

They have five players in that range.

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