New iOS app to hire job seekers on demand

New iOS app to hire job seekers on demand

Recruiter and recruiter app,arknox, has announced it is launching an iOS app, hiring job seekers, which will allow users to schedule an appointment with an individual or group of candidates on the app.

The app will be compatible with Apple Watch and Android Wear, and the recruiter will be able to track and track applicants.

“When we first launched our recruiting app for Apple Watch, we were so happy to hear from thousands of job seekers around the world.

Now, we are excited to bring our recruiting technology to Android Wear and iPhone with an even greater user-friendly interface, so that our users can be more engaged in their job search,” the app description reads.

“We are also happy to announce the launch of our Android app, which is designed to work with all Android Wear smartwatches and will allow anyone to schedule appointments to meet new people, meet prospective employers, and take part in a variety of other events.”

In addition to being compatible with smartwears, the app will allow job seekers to search and schedule appointments with other recruiters.

Recruiters can set up an appointment and then contact prospective employers for a “hire today” option.

The recruiter is also able to “track the status of your job search and share your job progress across social media,” as well as invite prospective employers to schedule meetings.

The recruiters app will also offer the ability to schedule a meeting, and recruiters can track their success in meeting the criteria for a job.

Recruiters will be allowed to use the recruizer app to “send out invitations for a hire today,” which will enable recruiters to set up meetings with prospective employers in advance.

Job seekers will also be able “set up an interview for an individual candidate,” “send an email to your potential employer, and ask for an interview,” the recruitable app says.

In addition, the recruiteer app will let prospective employers schedule meetings for their candidates.