When ARKANSAS WR Michael Irvin wants to recruit, he can do so anywhere in the state

When ARKANSAS WR Michael Irvin wants to recruit, he can do so anywhere in the state

Posted March 12, 2018 10:03:32Mike Irvin, the No. 2 overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, is not a stranger to recruiting in Kansas.

In fact, his first-year recruiting efforts were aimed squarely at Kansas, where he played collegiately for four years before landing a job as an assistant at Kansas State.

The former Ohio State Buckeyes receiver has been in Kansas City for the past two weeks and plans to visit Kansas again this week.

While the Kansas State football program has had success recruiting, a new recruit to the Big 12 has put a spotlight on Kansas in a major way.

In a story on recruiting.com, Mike Irvin wrote that when the Kansas recruiting class was announced, he was excited.

The Kansas State coach was excited about recruiting him.

He even made sure he was invited to a workout.

Irvin wrote, “I was surprised to find out that there was a visit scheduled for me.

When I got to the airport I was told to wait a bit and they would call me back.

When the call came I was very excited to go.

I knew that if I could get to Kansas, that would be the perfect fit for me.”

The visit did not go as planned for Irvin.

Irven wrote that he was surprised that the visit didn’t go as smoothly as he expected.

He said he felt uncomfortable in the car after his visit.

He said he and his family were not very happy with the trip.

Irving said he thought he would be treated like a top-tier recruit when he arrived in Kansas for his visit to the state.

He added that he has not received any offers from Kansas State, but said he is looking for more.

“I have not heard any negative things,” Irvin said.

“But I would love to get an offer from them and I would really love to be on their team.”

Irvin said that he and the coaches are still working on their plans for the visit.

The coaches have been working on recruiting video and photos for the trip, and Irvin has been working with the coaches to get them ready for the arrival.

Irvan is not the first Kansas recruit to be a part of the Big 10 conference.

After being a first-round pick in 2017, Sammie Coates left for Oklahoma State in 2019 to join the Sooners.

Coates and Irwin have had a long friendship and are close friends.

Coates was on Irvin’s recruiting list as a recruit.

Coats left Kansas to become a college quarterback in 2018.

Irwin was in Oklahoma when he went to Kansas.

Coats was in Kansas when Irvin was there as a student.

Irvins mother, Susan Irvin told the Associated Press that her son was not happy about the trip to Kansas State and has not talked to the coaches about it.